About us


About Us

Artisanal Lounge & Gardens

The gastronomical journey of Artisanal begins with a wonderful breeze blowing between the trees of the garden, the scents that emerge from the kitchen, the fresh ingredients that are chosen carefully depending on the season, the sound of ice swirling in the glasses of the bar and of course the smiles of the guests that flood this carefree corner of Athens. Hospitality, service, courtesy, high-quality materials,  taste, relaxation, art and aesthetics are the ingredients we mix daily at Artisanal so that we can offer every guest a unique experience.

Our Story

The historical building of Kifisia at the intersection of Kifisias Avenue and Zirini street was transformed in December of 2014 into the modern Artisanal Lounge and Gardens. It was quickly established as one of the most popular restaurant-bars in Athens for, both the quality of the gastronomical experience it offers and its welcoming environment. A continuous journey of flavours and fragrances is present daily with one of the most beautiful gardens of Kifisia as a background.

The exterior is surrounded by rare trees that date back to 1890, such as the black locust. Care was taken by landscape architect Charles Chanikian enriching the garden with about a hundred different flowers and plants. Offered throughout the day in this intimate garden are options for coffee, food and drink.

The building of the early 20th century was built as a residence and functioned in that way for many years. Architects George Gavalas and John Mourikis, who undertook the formation of Artisanal, were inspired by the urban decoration of the 50’s to mid 60’s. Authentic antiques of that time, focusing on Danish style, came from various galleries abroad while all new furniture was designed and built from scratch specifically for Artisanal. Thus, you can find handmade art in every detail of the space, creating a unique and familiar character while simultaneously promoting Artisanal’s philosophy.


The kitchen of Artisanal is characterised by distinct Mediterranean style with clear references to modern Greek cuisine. Familiar flavours, contemporary techniques and high-quality materials from Greek producers, make the creations that are cooked by our chef Dimitris Dimitriadis. This experienced chef with a mandate to award-winning restaurants such as Hytra and the emblematic Noma, has created for the second consecutive year a menu based on seasonality and local Greek products. Fresh vegetables and herbs from farmers of Peloponnese, truffles from Xanthi, our nivato cheese from Larissa, eel from Arta, sausages from Evritania, Greek seabass produced from organic farming, hydroponic vegetables and handmade bread produced by us are just some of the elements married with modern techniques to create a unique dining experience.


The bar of Artisanal is a recreational spot for pleasure and enjoyment offering a combination of select spirits and creative cocktails that enhance the culinary experience of the kitchen but are also autonomous and exceptional proposals. The menu is edited by renowned bartender and owner of the famous “Gin Joint”. Dimitris Kiakos presents a series of recipes with an emphasis on flavour so Artisanal from the first year of operation has been among excellent bar-restaurants in Athens and has already been honoured with two awards.


Artisanal presents a complete gastronomic offering throughout the day with the same philosophy of quality and hospitality in every moment. Thus, the visitor can choose daily between a carefully selected brunch during breakfast, a tasty and light lunch which is available until late in the afternoon or a full dinner for later, while the choices from the bar cover even the most demanding tastes.